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Abuse of Elders is A public health crisis and epidemic.

The baby boomer population is often known as the “builders”.the Baby are reported to be the wealthiest generation in U.S. history. Boomers have collectively earned $3.7 trillion, more than twice as much as the $1.6 trillion that members of the silent generation did at the same age .They survived the great depression, and are the richest With the aging baby-boomer population,

as the baby boomer age…experts believe elder abuse and exploitation will continue to grow and with such large gaps in reporting and investigating, we truly may never know just how big the problem is.

A recent New York State study showed that the overwhelmingly majority of incidents of elder abuse and exploitation go underreported to authorities. For every documented case, 44 went unreported.

Elder financial exploitation is emerging as the most prevalent form of elder abuse. We do not have good estimates, in the New York State study, estimates of annual losses were $109 million. The harm to victims and families, however, goes beyond monetary loss.

In addition, there are substantial public costs in investigating and intervening in case of elder exploitation. In New York State alone, annual costs alone for investigating cases was $14 million.

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