Danni's Story

Another victim of AM.  AM was Quick Deeded on Danita's property in January 2014.

Marty wrote:
I have known Danita since 2004. She has been a close friend of ours since that time. Her husband worked with my husband. He passed away in 2009.

AM was in the picture and was "taking care of him".  AM told us she was a RN. After Danita's husband went home from the rehab facility, he passed away about one week later. We remained in contact with Danita and our granddaughter was very close with her and called her Nana.

On January 6 2016 Danita had a nurse from Florida Hospital call me.   Danita told me she needed 'Help'. She said that "AM is double crossing me. She is taking my money.  There are people in my house and I need them out".

I told her I would do all I could do to help her. She asked if my husband would change the locks on her house. On Jan 10, we had a locksmith change the locks on her home.  We took the keys and gave them to Danita at the nursing home so she would have access to her home.   we later found out, AM went to the nursing rehab, made a copy of the new key while Danita was out of the room.  AM then went to Danita's home, and took $25,000 worth of checks and CASHED them.

AM was so upset with us that she wouldn't bring Danita her cell phone, so Danita had no numbers or access to her friends that she needed to contact . AM then told us that Danita's home was hers and we had no right to change the locks.  When Danita was asked if she had put AM on her home, Danita DID NOT know that she had signed her home to AM.

My husband and I visited Danita on Jan 17 and took danielle to her home for a few hours to look for her cell phone and checkbook. We did not find either. I spoke with Danita a few more times over the next two weeks but she seemed worse.

On Jan 24 i went to Danita and while we were there we noticed a bottle of raspberry tea-  Danita did not like raspberry tea.   Danita told us AM brought it to her in the nursing home but it didn't taste good... so I threw it away. While we were therewith Danita, AM came in and asked where the tea was.  AM got upset when I told her Danita didn't want it and I threw it out.

I called Danita on Jan 26 she told me she was very upset of all that was happening. On Feb 1. AM told me Danita was stopping dialysis. I went to visit Danita on Feb 14 . she told me AM told her that dialysis wasn't good and she told her to stop. I spoke on the phone with Danita on Feb 17. Her words were slurred and she told me she was very tired.  Keep in mind, AM was medical surrogate, so despite my efforts, I could get no additional information or make any changes.  At this point, Danita was becoming more confused.

I tried to call her room several times over the next 2 weeks and never got answered. On Feb 28 I went to see Danita with my granddaughter. Danita's face was bruised and when I asked AM  who was there at the rehab,  she told me that Danita had fallen out of bed. When I went out to the front desk the nurse told me she could not talk to me because I was not her medical surrogate.  As I was leaving, a nurse chased me out and told me it did not happen there!

Two women came forward and reported they went to the rehab with AM one day.  They waited in the car.  AM was very upset that Danita was trying to get her removed from her accounts and property.  AM went in to the facility, was inside for about 20 minutes.  When she came out, she was laughing, saying that she had threatened Danita and she was curled up in a fetal position, she was afraid, and she would not be changing anything.

AM told me that day that she was taking Danita home because she had no more money to payafter the 29 th.  Keep in mind, she had cashed out $25,000 in checks.  AM also told me that danielle was not up for visitors.

Danielle passed away on March 7, 2016. AM did not call until the next day. AM told me Danita had a mess from a bloody nose. She had several bad bloody noses over the last few weeks of her life. AM said she didn't want me to see all the blood. She had a friend "Lammy" that helped her with Danielle. Lammy is a felon with a 2012 conviction of Elder Abuse and Exploitation charges.  How many more... we need justice!  Vulnerable Elders being preyed upon. Know the facts.  Know it is happening!



Father's Day

Upon our return to Kentucky, I knew deep within my heart that Florida Elder Abuse should become involved and should investigate.  This was tough, I have always given people the benefit of the doubt.  Quite honestly, I had never encountered anyone like her before.  Your mind plays tricks on you, you question whether your over reacting or imagining because it all seems so unreal.

My father had not encountered anyone like her either.  That's how he got sucked into all this and once he was in, there was no out.  She's a pro at this, my dad, was not her first rodeo, nor would he be her last.  We know of more, the families I am not even sure they know where to begin.  I mean, its obvious, poisoning an elderly person is so easy to her.  The family never suspects.  Old people die everyday.  Hard to prove, until you see the pattern and the common denominator.

Richard with Florida Elder Abuse reported that they had serious concerns.  They were watching her closely.  Of course, she got wind of the investigation because she was interviewed.  I was her first suspect.  She was very angry.  So angry, that the family trust was changed again, this being the final change.  With me being totally left out!  Once we read the home health reports, the day in May when the final trust was changed, according to their documentation on his health,  he wasn't in any health to get up to the 10th floor of the attorneys office in Daytona Beach.  Must have taken all he had- every last bit of energy to get him there. She was determined

So Fathers Day.... I tried to call my father,  that is when it was confirmed that my number was blocked.  AM did not want me having any contact with him. She was too far in, she wanted and needed his properties and money (banking, savings accounts, and lock boxes were emptied out).

I called my father from my husbands and two of my sons numbers... blocked.  Can you imagine?  So finally, AM didn't know my daughters number... success made.  I was able to wish my father a happy day!  He was weak, very weak.

Three days later, I received a letter in the mail.  This wasn't the first time AM had sent me things in the mail.  Six months earlier, in November 2013, when I had spoken to my father about my mother's remains as we came upon her one year death anniversary, AM sent my mothers remains to me via US Postal mail in a zip lock bag.  Yep, I can't make this woman up and the things she has done.  She spelled my name wrong.  She never knew the correct spelling.  

Moving on, three days after Fathers Day, I received a large manila envelope.  My son, opened it.  It took me a minute to actually grasp what it was and who would have had all these pictures of me and my family.  Then I realized, AM had gone thru my father's home, and removed every picture out of frames, off walls, in drawers of me and my family.  Every Christmas card, note, anything that would remind her of me... was in that large envelop.  I was hurt.  I knew it wasn'tfrom my father... my name was spelled wrong again. After reading home health reports, it was confirmed, there was no way my father could have ever walked thru that house removing pictures. 

He was too weak, he was being poisoned.  Murdered for his money.  How did she do all this?  That will come later.  Cause we are on to her name and game.  God has this.  The curtains are being torn down and the darkness is being exposed.  Wait, watch, and see for yourself!

Was it Three days or Three Weeks?

After the nurse had completed her assessment, I settled in right next to my dad's bedside. I held his hand.  I had no idea what great pain it was for her to see me there.  I was in her territory and if I stayed long her plans would not be executed.

She had to act quickly.  So throughout the evening, my fathers phone kept ringing.  Remember, she kept his phone, thus she screened all calls.  Men kept calling- probably 6 calls during the two hour period.  She would leave the room and go to the hall, I could over hear her saying " I know Bobby, some things have come up, and I have to stay".  She was used to being able to just drop him off and leave him.

Now at this time, I was only getting bits and pieces.  So as I began to talk to my father, I discovered he had been in the rehab several weeks prior.  I then told him, "Dad, I told you I would always take care of you, how long were you in rehab".  He answered, three or four weeks.  AM then began to correct him saying "daddy, it was only three or four days".  In which my father said, "really, I thought it was three or four weeks".  You know what... it WAS 21 days.  yep, three weeks.  My dad, thought he was losing his mind.

As we continued our conversation, the topic went to his most recent hospitalization due to his fall.  He told me, he had laid there for a very long time and he was cold- he couldn't say how many hours, he just knew it was a long time.  She then corrected him, stating "no honey, you were there less than an hour". 

Let me tell you something about AM, she looked and acted like a very nice lady.  You would have liked her and believed her-- for a bit. Do you know what actually happened, This lady was a liar.  My dad had laid in his bathroom shower floor, in a ball,  naked for hours.  Many hours.  Juan found him, had he not found him, my father would have died.. no doubt, that day.  Left to die. 

Another phone call came in as I was about to leave.  When she came back in the room, my father asked her who had called.  She said, "it was Stacks, . you know, you wanted him to do that work for you".  Well, first off, my father never had anyone do anything for him.  He usually did it.  I wrote down the name.

The next morning I arrived early.  As I entered the room, AM was sitting on the bed, next to my father and she had been crying.  When I walked in, my dad was very mad at me.  I am not sure what she told him I did.  But I was asked to leave.  The nurse then came in the room, hot off the press, was the Medical Power of Attorney received from Stacks... the attorney.  Yep, she moved fast and she was now Medical Power of Attorney.  I still don't know today, what lie she told my father .  I don't think I ever will. 

What I do know, God brought me to Florida, just long enough for me to see what I needed to see, what drug my father would be poisoned with.  As I was being escorted out of the rehab that day along with my 16 year old son, God spoke to me and HE said "this battle is not yours.  There is gnashing and gnawing of teeth here, you have no place here".   So I left and made the long trip back to Kentucky... numb. 


Poisonous"Colored Raindrops" #justice4ed

Two years ago, May 2014, I received a phone call from my brother that my father was in the hospital.  During this call, I was informed that my father had been hospitalized several weeks prior but AM didn't want me to know.  It's obvious now more than ever, she knew I would be there and I would interfere with her plans.  She needed me gone, out of my father's life.

My father had fallen.  You know, the previous blog, where I wrote my father had been left to die naked in the floor of his shower.  Juan found him and the ambulance was called, thus my father was transported to the hospital. 

I left Kentucky immediately and made the familiar trip to Deland.  It's taken two years, the pieces of the puzzle now all fit together and the picture is oh so clear.

Upon my arrival at the hospital,  as I entered my fathers hospital room, he immediately said, "well there you are, you were supposed to come 5 or 6 times and you never came".   I was rather shocked and confused, explaining to my father I wasn't sure what he was talking about.  If you are reading this, you probably figured out.... Yeah, she told my father I was coming, then when I didn't show up, she would tell him, no doubt, that no one cared about him.  It's the game she played to get more control and lie to my father to make him feel like no one cared about him and that she was all he had.

He also mentioned that his money was nothing but a curse.  Once again, I had no idea what he was talking about.  Now I do.  You see, she badgered him day in and day out, for his money. 

So as I stood there, trying to understand what was going on... the RN came in the room and said that he'd been confused all day, and then she said "is AM actually a real person, because he talks about her all the time, and I have never seen her".  Later, I learned, that during my fathers past rehab and hospitalizations which were frequent in his last months of life.  AM just dropped him off,  and she would take trips and spend his money all while he laid in a hospital bed- trying to recover.  Tim, one of his close friends, later reported, that my dad would be fine and get stronger during the rehab, but as soon as she was back in the picture, he would be confused.

Soon after my arrival to the hospital, the ambulance arrived to transport my father to the Deland Rehab.  I helped pick my father up and put him on the stretcher, I became painfully aware of just how fragile and how much my fathers health had declined.  He was so weak, he couldn't stand and his legs couldn't hold him to transfer from the chair to the stretcher.  

After he was transferred and admitted to the rehab center, the most peculiar thing happened.  My father was looking up at the ceiling and began to speak about the "colored raindrops falling from the ceiling".  I began to question him, and he just kept saying "don't you see them, the colored raindrops".  I was confused... why was he seeing the colored raindrops and magical rainbows again?

The Charge Nurse came in the room to take my father's health history.  The RN asked many questions, flu shot history, pneumonia shot history, when she inquired about any history of any allergies... before I could even think... and keep in mind I had taken care of my parents and spent many years in and out of hospital with them.  AM blurted out..."AMIODARONE"  Her response was so quick, the tone, sent chills down my spine.  "Amiodarone". 

Toxic LEVELS, not prescribed.  IN my fathers body.   POISONED by a woman for his money.  She didn't think we would know.  She thought she could get away with it. Exposed!

How many elders are being poisoned in Florida and no one knows?  Such an easy crime for an easy target. Know the facts.  Know it happens.


"Magical" Rainbows and Colored Raindrops

In October 2009, everyone was worried about the H1N1 virus.  My mother and father were in Deland, they had just purchased the home on Flowing Well.  They had done extensive repair to the home and my father had coordinated most of the remodeling/ contract work.  It was a busy time.

October 3rd, I got a call that my father was very ill with what appeared to pneumonia, so I immediately traveled to Deland where my father was hospitalized.  They had him in isolation due to his symptoms and the fear that he may have the H1N1 virus.  He had pneumonia symptoms- he was very sick.  He was also hallucinating- seeing rainbows, colored water drops raining down from the ceiling in his room. He kept saying it was "magical".    .

You had to know my father.  He was one of a kind.  A man that was not taken advantage of-that's what makes HIS story and what happened to him so unbelievable.  As a matter of fact, he always made sure that he came out on top in everything he did and he liked to be in control.  One time my father had a bad experience with a receptionist (my father left a message, and the physician never got the message) at his cardiologists office (Dr. Shedd), so my father asked for his cell phone number- and he got it! 

So during this hospitalization, there was a question about my fathers lab work.  My father, had me look up Dr. Shedd's number and I called him on his personal cell phone.  Dr. Shedd, was on vacation in Pensacola with his family, but spoke in great detail with my father, myself, and the hospitalist on call.  As we began to explain to him my fathers symptoms, Dr. Shedd informed us to immediately STOP the Amiodarone my father was taking.  He told us, that the symptoms my father was experiencing were from toxicity from the Amiodarone he was taking for atrial fibrillation, that he could die, damage had been done to his lungs, there were reports of people going blind and horrible nightmares, and he should NEVER again take this drug.  Once the Amiodarone was stopped, within days the pneumonia symptoms improved and the rainbow's and magical rain drops disappeared. An allergy to Amiodarone was listed in all of my fathers medical records and he knew damn well to never take it again!

Tomorrow, I will tell how we suspected---5 years later--- that my father was being poisoned with Amiodarone.

Left at the Funeral Home

Another Mothers Day has come and gone.  It's still so hard to comprehend.  Dealing with the fact that my mother is no longer here is difficult enough.  But what has happened takes it to another level.  What this woman, AM, did to our family is absolutely unimaginable and I would not wish this on my worst enemy.  Every possession that my mother and father owned... GONE.  Imagine that.

My last blog was about the Planned Take-Over.  A Trust changed three times from October to May.  Checking Accounts, Saving Accounts, lock boxes, GONE, EMPTIED out. 

In July 2014, my father passed away, this was 17 months after my mother passed away.   AM was to receive a 1/3 of the trust which included the home in Kentucky, she was Quick Deed Claimed on the Lakeside Drive home (which was a rental property) on a canal in Deland, and she was a lifetime interest as well as 1/3 owner in the other home in Deland on the lake.  This house was fully furnished with my parents finest possessions. Family heirlooms, antique china, oak furniture (my mother loved oak), my grandma's bedroom suit and personal rings, my mothers rings, swimming pool, mustangs, hot tub, boat house, pampered chef.  You name it, this home had it. 

Oh, let me tell you about mothers rings.  My parents were not born rich, they gained their wealth by saving and working hard.  They could not afford a diamond for my mother when they were first married.  When my moms mother passed away in 1981, my mother took part of her inheritance, and she and my dad bought her very first diamond.  This just happened to be their 25th anniversary year.  My mothers first diamond.... not big... not worth a lot monetary... but it was hers. Gone.

The Florida homes were not enough for AM, she wanted more.   The estate wasn't anywhere near being settled. However... But in August 2014, within 3 weeks of my fathers death, AM drove over 800 miles to Kentucky with a U-haul and emptied out the Kentucky home. Yep. Everything my mother and father had worked for, down to cheapTupperware, over 54 years, GONE.  Home Trashed.  Stolen by a heartless,  thief who poisoned my father for his money and possessions.  

AM was already living in the Deland home on the lake and renting out the Lakeside Drive home.  SO, We were told that she had possession of my fathers remains. I mean, She took everything else.  In October, three months after my father had passed away, we received an email from the funeral home.  "What do you want to do with your father's remains?". 

Are you kidding me... She Drove over 800 miles to empty out another home, but didn't care enough to pick up my father's remains at a funeral home that she drove by daily while living in HIS homes.  Heartless.  Evil.   #justice4ed #poisoned4money #elderabusehappens


April 21, 2016- The Take-Over

Let's go back to the beginning.  This is a long story, but at the end of these blogs, the details will paint a picture of a strategic plot which involves elder abuse, exploitation, a trust changed three times in a 7 month period, and the poisoning/ murder of my father. 

In August 2013, my father wanted to go on a cruise.  Our family had taken two to three cruises per year in the previous years before my mothers' passing.  My father was wanting to go back to Alaska and to visit his brother in Seattle. 

There was a dear family friend in Kentucky he would have preferred to go on this trip, but she had family responsibilities in Kentucky and would not be able to take a long trip.  There was a woman he had met in Orlando at a club pancake breakfast, so he asked her.

The agreement was she would pay her half of the trip.  My father was not going to pay for her way, I was with him during the conversation and I booked the airfare tickets to Seattle for him.  AM told him to book the flight and cruise and she would pay him back.  My father and I had numerous conversations how awkward this trip might be, but my dad was strong and adventurous and I believed he could take care of himself.  

The flight out of Orlando was a very early morning flight, so AM- who lived in Orlando- was going to pick my father up in Deland the Tuesday evening before the flight and he would stay at her house.   On Tuesday evening,  I spoke with my father and he was driving to Orlando.  When I questioned him about AM not picking him up, he stated she had been in meetings all day with her bank and that "she had back taxes and might be losing her home".

My father and AM flew into Seattle where they would stay two to three days visiting his brother and resting from the time change, prior to boarding the cruise ship.  Once they got on the boat for the 7 day cruise, communication with my father would be limited due to the costs of cell phone roaming fees while traveling out of the country.  I was sent a picture from her of her and my father in bed with robes on... I will post that picture at a later date.  My father got off that boat a different person. 

This is critical information.  So, about two weeks upon his return to Deland- the middle of September 2013, my father called me and told me, "we don't think I have atrial fib".  I questioned him...who exactly was "we".  He proceeded to tell me that AM was an RN and "they did not think he had Atrial Fib because his heart rate was regular". I reminded my father that he had been followed by a cardiologist for over 16 years and he had a pacemaker which regulated his heart.  I was rather taken back by this conversation, and knew deep in my gut that a RN would never tell anyone they did not have a heart condition. 

So the first of October came, during a conversation with my father, AM got on the phone in which she informed me that she and my father were in love and wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.  AM told me she was an RN, had worked with the elderly, and would never take advantage of anyone and knew that this happened frequently.  At the end of the call, she told me to look her up, so I asked her what her last name was.

I phoned Florida Board of Nursing, in which I learned that there was a AM who was an RN, but that AM would be 88 years old and passed away in 2012.  There was a AM who was a nursing assistant that fit the age and address description.

Once I told my father, AM heard the conversation and all hell broke loose.  The lies began, we were in Kentucky, my father in Florida, and she was whispering in his ear.   Many of my parents friends in Florida had passed away.  He was friends with Tim, who was from KY, but AM soon alienated my father from Tim as well.

This was early October, and my father was saying things like, "this has been going on for years".  Little did I know she was whispering in his ear that they had been together and she had been taking care of him for years.  Police reports at time of the death confirm this.

It was difficult to understand why my father was so upset with me.  Later I learned, AM had told him that I had told her "that the property on Flowing Well in Deland was mine" and that I told her if the property on Flowing Well was not Quick Deededto me, I would never speak to my father again.  LIES.  MANIPULATION.  If only we had known what was being told to him.

So, my father and AM planned a quick three day trip to Versailles, KY to meet with one of the investors.  Its a 800 mile trip each way, so in actuality, they were only in Versailles one day.  This trip was time for AM to access just how much property, assets, and money my father had. 

On October 15, 2013, which was one year to the date, that my mother went into Central Baptist hospital never to come home, the trust was changed the first time.  This change included AM being given Quick Deed title on one of the homes in Deland, and she was added to the family trust, checking and savings accounts. 

By December 2013, AM was also given a Quick Deed title and  listed on another elderly women's property in Orange County Florida.  In a short 3 month time frame, a nursing assistants' assets increased by $600,000 to $700,000.  She wasn't done yet.   


April 20, 2016- How did this happen?

Never in a million years did I think I would ever be writing about elder abuse.  I am an RN with a MSN in Community Health with over 23 years experience.  Most of my career has been spent with pediatrics and women's health issues.  The only experience I have had with the elderly was taking care of my parents for the last 10 years, navigating thru the health care system and trying to help them maintain their health.  Sure, I knew elder abuse happened.  But to someone else, not my family!  My father was smart, intelligent, a hard worker, and he would have never in a million years signed away/ given away his property within weeks of meeting a woman.

So, in October 2012, I was diagnosed with tongue cancer.  The day I was to begin 6 weeks of radiation to my head and neck, my mother passed away.  If you know much about radiation to the head and neck, the specialists warned me of all of the horrible side effects. That's probably as low as you can get... starting radiation treatments the day your mother passes away. 

As horrible as it may sound, that doesn't come near as to the pain, exploitation and poisoning that was done to my father.  You see, God was good to me.  He blessed me, I walked thru the fire, unscathed, untouched.  I believe, if you could go back and look at that machine I was placed in day in and day out, you would see 2 of us in there... Jesus was in there, and he was protecting and healing me.  My father, well, he fell at the hands of a predator.  Elder Abuse and exploitation was involved. 

So, you see, my father was mourning my mother who he was with for 54 years- he wanted to be in Florida, we were in Kentucky.  He met this woman at the shriners pancake breakfast and she must have soon realized that he was prime for her to take advantage of.   He was mourning my mother.  

The first nine months after my mother passed away, I was going back and forth to Florida at least once if not twice a month.  But as soon as AM came on the scene, she quickly turned and twisted things.  Her lies began immediately. The first lie, she told him she was an RN and would care for him.  Florida Board of Nursing does show a women with her name as an RN, but that AM was 88 years old and had passed away in 2012.  They had record of a AM who was a nursing assistant.  When I told my dad this and confronted AM, all hell broke loose and she knew she had to act quickly.

 So over the course of the next few weeks, I am going to walk you thru step by step what happened.  How this woman thru her lies, was able to manipulate and deceive my father and then tell us kids that he did not want us there.  That he did not want to talk to us, despite having always been very close.  That is step one... ISOLATION! 

I will show you emails, pictures, home health, police records, and toxicology reports to show you what happened.  If this story helps one family, it is worth it! 

 What is elder abuse?  well, elder abuse is a term referring to any knowing, intentional, or negligent act by a caregiver or any other person that causes harm or a serious risk of harm to a vulnerable adult.

April 2016- Update: Left to Die

Left to Die

April 2016, I really try to be transparent for the sake of my family. It would be easy to crawl into a corner and pretend this has not happened. But deep in my soul I cannot and must not. the fight continues. For my friends... you know...everytime I go to Florida, God shows up in the least expected way and affirms just why I keep pressing-on! Soooo....The last time I saw my father in the hospital, there seemed to be some confusion (you know.. conflicting info from the special friend) just as to how long he had laid in the shower floor naked in the master bathroom.

The special friend reported that she had just run out to get her hair done so he laid there for about an hour. There seemed to be some confusion that some thought he had laid there much longer, but I had no proof at that time. You know... she had become power and medical power of attorney. It was her word against his. Keep in mind this is also the lady that was telling me and my father, that his previous hospitalization and rehab stay was only 3 or 4 days... nope...the TRUTH that came out later... it was 21 days. You see, every move of hers, was a strategic lie.

So this last trip, I was able to connect with a man--Juan- who had worked for my father over the past 10 years. Juan told me he had tried to get my number to contact me, he couldnt get it. He suspected and point blank told my father after he saw my fathers rapid decline in his health-- that she was poisoning him.

So...The final blow this trip... the truth concerning "the fall" is revealed. Juan was at the house doing the final remodeling to a property that she knew would soon be all hers-- everyone who knew my father would know he would have never repaved his driveway or cut down over 50 palm trees that were in his front yard.

Upon finishing his work late that May afternoon, Juan went to the house to get paid. No one answered. Which he thought was odd, because my father was there and he had seen her leave

He returned the following morning. No one answered. He was concerned, so he returned again late that afternoon. After 20 minutes, she came to the door.  Juan had a worker on site who had seen her come in earlier.  So he waited for over 20 minutes, she had to answer the day because at this point she knew he wasn't leaving.   When she came to the door, she told him my father had fallen.  She had not phoned anyone.
In the cold shower on the floor, laid my father, who was stiff and cold, and who had laid there for hours. Juan and his son, picked up my father and Juan called the fire department/ EMT.  put him in bed before he was transported to the hospital. Juan's words " she left your father to die". "if we had not come, he would have died". 

Please share the www.elderexploitation.com facebook page I want others to know what is happening to our unsuspecting elders and families, but most importantly... I want justice for my father!

I will be updating the page. Watch, wait and see! ‪#‎press‬-on ‪#‎youcanrunbutyoucanthide‬ ‪#‎darknessexposed