April 20, 2016- How did this happen?

Never in a million years did I think I would ever be writing about elder abuse.  I am an RN with a MSN in Community Health with over 23 years experience.  Most of my career has been spent with pediatrics and women's health issues.  The only experience I have had with the elderly was taking care of my parents for the last 10 years, navigating thru the health care system and trying to help them maintain their health.  Sure, I knew elder abuse happened.  But to someone else, not my family!  My father was smart, intelligent, a hard worker, and he would have never in a million years signed away/ given away his property within weeks of meeting a woman.

So, in October 2012, I was diagnosed with tongue cancer.  The day I was to begin 6 weeks of radiation to my head and neck, my mother passed away.  If you know much about radiation to the head and neck, the specialists warned me of all of the horrible side effects. That's probably as low as you can get... starting radiation treatments the day your mother passes away. 

As horrible as it may sound, that doesn't come near as to the pain, exploitation and poisoning that was done to my father.  You see, God was good to me.  He blessed me, I walked thru the fire, unscathed, untouched.  I believe, if you could go back and look at that machine I was placed in day in and day out, you would see 2 of us in there... Jesus was in there, and he was protecting and healing me.  My father, well, he fell at the hands of a predator.  Elder Abuse and exploitation was involved. 

So, you see, my father was mourning my mother who he was with for 54 years- he wanted to be in Florida, we were in Kentucky.  He met this woman at the shriners pancake breakfast and she must have soon realized that he was prime for her to take advantage of.   He was mourning my mother.  

The first nine months after my mother passed away, I was going back and forth to Florida at least once if not twice a month.  But as soon as AM came on the scene, she quickly turned and twisted things.  Her lies began immediately. The first lie, she told him she was an RN and would care for him.  Florida Board of Nursing does show a women with her name as an RN, but that AM was 88 years old and had passed away in 2012.  They had record of a AM who was a nursing assistant.  When I told my dad this and confronted AM, all hell broke loose and she knew she had to act quickly.

 So over the course of the next few weeks, I am going to walk you thru step by step what happened.  How this woman thru her lies, was able to manipulate and deceive my father and then tell us kids that he did not want us there.  That he did not want to talk to us, despite having always been very close.  That is step one... ISOLATION! 

I will show you emails, pictures, home health, police records, and toxicology reports to show you what happened.  If this story helps one family, it is worth it! 

 What is elder abuse?  well, elder abuse is a term referring to any knowing, intentional, or negligent act by a caregiver or any other person that causes harm or a serious risk of harm to a vulnerable adult.