April 21, 2016- The Take-Over

Let's go back to the beginning.  This is a long story, but at the end of these blogs, the details will paint a picture of a strategic plot which involves elder abuse, exploitation, a trust changed three times in a 7 month period, and the poisoning/ murder of my father. 

In August 2013, my father wanted to go on a cruise.  Our family had taken two to three cruises per year in the previous years before my mothers' passing.  My father was wanting to go back to Alaska and to visit his brother in Seattle. 

There was a dear family friend in Kentucky he would have preferred to go on this trip, but she had family responsibilities in Kentucky and would not be able to take a long trip.  There was a woman he had met in Orlando at a club pancake breakfast, so he asked her.

The agreement was she would pay her half of the trip.  My father was not going to pay for her way, I was with him during the conversation and I booked the airfare tickets to Seattle for him.  AM told him to book the flight and cruise and she would pay him back.  My father and I had numerous conversations how awkward this trip might be, but my dad was strong and adventurous and I believed he could take care of himself.  

The flight out of Orlando was a very early morning flight, so AM- who lived in Orlando- was going to pick my father up in Deland the Tuesday evening before the flight and he would stay at her house.   On Tuesday evening,  I spoke with my father and he was driving to Orlando.  When I questioned him about AM not picking him up, he stated she had been in meetings all day with her bank and that "she had back taxes and might be losing her home".

My father and AM flew into Seattle where they would stay two to three days visiting his brother and resting from the time change, prior to boarding the cruise ship.  Once they got on the boat for the 7 day cruise, communication with my father would be limited due to the costs of cell phone roaming fees while traveling out of the country.  I was sent a picture from her of her and my father in bed with robes on... I will post that picture at a later date.  My father got off that boat a different person. 

This is critical information.  So, about two weeks upon his return to Deland- the middle of September 2013, my father called me and told me, "we don't think I have atrial fib".  I questioned him...who exactly was "we".  He proceeded to tell me that AM was an RN and "they did not think he had Atrial Fib because his heart rate was regular". I reminded my father that he had been followed by a cardiologist for over 16 years and he had a pacemaker which regulated his heart.  I was rather taken back by this conversation, and knew deep in my gut that a RN would never tell anyone they did not have a heart condition. 

So the first of October came, during a conversation with my father, AM got on the phone in which she informed me that she and my father were in love and wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.  AM told me she was an RN, had worked with the elderly, and would never take advantage of anyone and knew that this happened frequently.  At the end of the call, she told me to look her up, so I asked her what her last name was.

I phoned Florida Board of Nursing, in which I learned that there was a AM who was an RN, but that AM would be 88 years old and passed away in 2012.  There was a AM who was a nursing assistant that fit the age and address description.

Once I told my father, AM heard the conversation and all hell broke loose.  The lies began, we were in Kentucky, my father in Florida, and she was whispering in his ear.   Many of my parents friends in Florida had passed away.  He was friends with Tim, who was from KY, but AM soon alienated my father from Tim as well.

This was early October, and my father was saying things like, "this has been going on for years".  Little did I know she was whispering in his ear that they had been together and she had been taking care of him for years.  Police reports at time of the death confirm this.

It was difficult to understand why my father was so upset with me.  Later I learned, AM had told him that I had told her "that the property on Flowing Well in Deland was mine" and that I told her if the property on Flowing Well was not Quick Deededto me, I would never speak to my father again.  LIES.  MANIPULATION.  If only we had known what was being told to him.

So, my father and AM planned a quick three day trip to Versailles, KY to meet with one of the investors.  Its a 800 mile trip each way, so in actuality, they were only in Versailles one day.  This trip was time for AM to access just how much property, assets, and money my father had. 

On October 15, 2013, which was one year to the date, that my mother went into Central Baptist hospital never to come home, the trust was changed the first time.  This change included AM being given Quick Deed title on one of the homes in Deland, and she was added to the family trust, checking and savings accounts. 

By December 2013, AM was also given a Quick Deed title and  listed on another elderly women's property in Orange County Florida.  In a short 3 month time frame, a nursing assistants' assets increased by $600,000 to $700,000.  She wasn't done yet.