April 2016- Update: Left to Die

Left to Die

April 2016, I really try to be transparent for the sake of my family. It would be easy to crawl into a corner and pretend this has not happened. But deep in my soul I cannot and must not. the fight continues. For my friends... you know...everytime I go to Florida, God shows up in the least expected way and affirms just why I keep pressing-on! Soooo....The last time I saw my father in the hospital, there seemed to be some confusion (you know.. conflicting info from the special friend) just as to how long he had laid in the shower floor naked in the master bathroom.

The special friend reported that she had just run out to get her hair done so he laid there for about an hour. There seemed to be some confusion that some thought he had laid there much longer, but I had no proof at that time. You know... she had become power and medical power of attorney. It was her word against his. Keep in mind this is also the lady that was telling me and my father, that his previous hospitalization and rehab stay was only 3 or 4 days... nope...the TRUTH that came out later... it was 21 days. You see, every move of hers, was a strategic lie.

So this last trip, I was able to connect with a man--Juan- who had worked for my father over the past 10 years. Juan told me he had tried to get my number to contact me, he couldnt get it. He suspected and point blank told my father after he saw my fathers rapid decline in his health-- that she was poisoning him.

So...The final blow this trip... the truth concerning "the fall" is revealed. Juan was at the house doing the final remodeling to a property that she knew would soon be all hers-- everyone who knew my father would know he would have never repaved his driveway or cut down over 50 palm trees that were in his front yard.

Upon finishing his work late that May afternoon, Juan went to the house to get paid. No one answered. Which he thought was odd, because my father was there and he had seen her leave

He returned the following morning. No one answered. He was concerned, so he returned again late that afternoon. After 20 minutes, she came to the door.  Juan had a worker on site who had seen her come in earlier.  So he waited for over 20 minutes, she had to answer the day because at this point she knew he wasn't leaving.   When she came to the door, she told him my father had fallen.  She had not phoned anyone.
In the cold shower on the floor, laid my father, who was stiff and cold, and who had laid there for hours. Juan and his son, picked up my father and Juan called the fire department/ EMT.  put him in bed before he was transported to the hospital. Juan's words " she left your father to die". "if we had not come, he would have died". 

Please share the www.elderexploitation.com facebook page I want others to know what is happening to our unsuspecting elders and families, but most importantly... I want justice for my father!

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