Left at the Funeral Home

Another Mothers Day has come and gone.  It's still so hard to comprehend.  Dealing with the fact that my mother is no longer here is difficult enough.  But what has happened takes it to another level.  What this woman, AM, did to our family is absolutely unimaginable and I would not wish this on my worst enemy.  Every possession that my mother and father owned... GONE.  Imagine that.

My last blog was about the Planned Take-Over.  A Trust changed three times from October to May.  Checking Accounts, Saving Accounts, lock boxes, GONE, EMPTIED out. 

In July 2014, my father passed away, this was 17 months after my mother passed away.   AM was to receive a 1/3 of the trust which included the home in Kentucky, she was Quick Deed Claimed on the Lakeside Drive home (which was a rental property) on a canal in Deland, and she was a lifetime interest as well as 1/3 owner in the other home in Deland on the lake.  This house was fully furnished with my parents finest possessions. Family heirlooms, antique china, oak furniture (my mother loved oak), my grandma's bedroom suit and personal rings, my mothers rings, swimming pool, mustangs, hot tub, boat house, pampered chef.  You name it, this home had it. 

Oh, let me tell you about mothers rings.  My parents were not born rich, they gained their wealth by saving and working hard.  They could not afford a diamond for my mother when they were first married.  When my moms mother passed away in 1981, my mother took part of her inheritance, and she and my dad bought her very first diamond.  This just happened to be their 25th anniversary year.  My mothers first diamond.... not big... not worth a lot monetary... but it was hers. Gone.

The Florida homes were not enough for AM, she wanted more.   The estate wasn't anywhere near being settled. However... But in August 2014, within 3 weeks of my fathers death, AM drove over 800 miles to Kentucky with a U-haul and emptied out the Kentucky home. Yep. Everything my mother and father had worked for, down to cheapTupperware, over 54 years, GONE.  Home Trashed.  Stolen by a heartless,  thief who poisoned my father for his money and possessions.  

AM was already living in the Deland home on the lake and renting out the Lakeside Drive home.  SO, We were told that she had possession of my fathers remains. I mean, She took everything else.  In October, three months after my father had passed away, we received an email from the funeral home.  "What do you want to do with your father's remains?". 

Are you kidding me... She Drove over 800 miles to empty out another home, but didn't care enough to pick up my father's remains at a funeral home that she drove by daily while living in HIS homes.  Heartless.  Evil.   #justice4ed #poisoned4money #elderabusehappens