"Magical" Rainbows and Colored Raindrops

In October 2009, everyone was worried about the H1N1 virus.  My mother and father were in Deland, they had just purchased the home on Flowing Well.  They had done extensive repair to the home and my father had coordinated most of the remodeling/ contract work.  It was a busy time.

October 3rd, I got a call that my father was very ill with what appeared to pneumonia, so I immediately traveled to Deland where my father was hospitalized.  They had him in isolation due to his symptoms and the fear that he may have the H1N1 virus.  He had pneumonia symptoms- he was very sick.  He was also hallucinating- seeing rainbows, colored water drops raining down from the ceiling in his room. He kept saying it was "magical".    .

You had to know my father.  He was one of a kind.  A man that was not taken advantage of-that's what makes HIS story and what happened to him so unbelievable.  As a matter of fact, he always made sure that he came out on top in everything he did and he liked to be in control.  One time my father had a bad experience with a receptionist (my father left a message, and the physician never got the message) at his cardiologists office (Dr. Shedd), so my father asked for his cell phone number- and he got it! 

So during this hospitalization, there was a question about my fathers lab work.  My father, had me look up Dr. Shedd's number and I called him on his personal cell phone.  Dr. Shedd, was on vacation in Pensacola with his family, but spoke in great detail with my father, myself, and the hospitalist on call.  As we began to explain to him my fathers symptoms, Dr. Shedd informed us to immediately STOP the Amiodarone my father was taking.  He told us, that the symptoms my father was experiencing were from toxicity from the Amiodarone he was taking for atrial fibrillation, that he could die, damage had been done to his lungs, there were reports of people going blind and horrible nightmares, and he should NEVER again take this drug.  Once the Amiodarone was stopped, within days the pneumonia symptoms improved and the rainbow's and magical rain drops disappeared. An allergy to Amiodarone was listed in all of my fathers medical records and he knew damn well to never take it again!

Tomorrow, I will tell how we suspected---5 years later--- that my father was being poisoned with Amiodarone.