Poisonous"Colored Raindrops" #justice4ed

Two years ago, May 2014, I received a phone call from my brother that my father was in the hospital.  During this call, I was informed that my father had been hospitalized several weeks prior but AM didn't want me to know.  It's obvious now more than ever, she knew I would be there and I would interfere with her plans.  She needed me gone, out of my father's life.

My father had fallen.  You know, the previous blog, where I wrote my father had been left to die naked in the floor of his shower.  Juan found him and the ambulance was called, thus my father was transported to the hospital. 

I left Kentucky immediately and made the familiar trip to Deland.  It's taken two years, the pieces of the puzzle now all fit together and the picture is oh so clear.

Upon my arrival at the hospital,  as I entered my fathers hospital room, he immediately said, "well there you are, you were supposed to come 5 or 6 times and you never came".   I was rather shocked and confused, explaining to my father I wasn't sure what he was talking about.  If you are reading this, you probably figured out.... Yeah, she told my father I was coming, then when I didn't show up, she would tell him, no doubt, that no one cared about him.  It's the game she played to get more control and lie to my father to make him feel like no one cared about him and that she was all he had.

He also mentioned that his money was nothing but a curse.  Once again, I had no idea what he was talking about.  Now I do.  You see, she badgered him day in and day out, for his money. 

So as I stood there, trying to understand what was going on... the RN came in the room and said that he'd been confused all day, and then she said "is AM actually a real person, because he talks about her all the time, and I have never seen her".  Later, I learned, that during my fathers past rehab and hospitalizations which were frequent in his last months of life.  AM just dropped him off,  and she would take trips and spend his money all while he laid in a hospital bed- trying to recover.  Tim, one of his close friends, later reported, that my dad would be fine and get stronger during the rehab, but as soon as she was back in the picture, he would be confused.

Soon after my arrival to the hospital, the ambulance arrived to transport my father to the Deland Rehab.  I helped pick my father up and put him on the stretcher, I became painfully aware of just how fragile and how much my fathers health had declined.  He was so weak, he couldn't stand and his legs couldn't hold him to transfer from the chair to the stretcher.  

After he was transferred and admitted to the rehab center, the most peculiar thing happened.  My father was looking up at the ceiling and began to speak about the "colored raindrops falling from the ceiling".  I began to question him, and he just kept saying "don't you see them, the colored raindrops".  I was confused... why was he seeing the colored raindrops and magical rainbows again?

The Charge Nurse came in the room to take my father's health history.  The RN asked many questions, flu shot history, pneumonia shot history, when she inquired about any history of any allergies... before I could even think... and keep in mind I had taken care of my parents and spent many years in and out of hospital with them.  AM blurted out..."AMIODARONE"  Her response was so quick, the tone, sent chills down my spine.  "Amiodarone". 

Toxic LEVELS, not prescribed.  IN my fathers body.   POISONED by a woman for his money.  She didn't think we would know.  She thought she could get away with it. Exposed!

How many elders are being poisoned in Florida and no one knows?  Such an easy crime for an easy target. Know the facts.  Know it happens.