Was it Three days or Three Weeks?

After the nurse had completed her assessment, I settled in right next to my dad's bedside. I held his hand.  I had no idea what great pain it was for her to see me there.  I was in her territory and if I stayed long her plans would not be executed.

She had to act quickly.  So throughout the evening, my fathers phone kept ringing.  Remember, she kept his phone, thus she screened all calls.  Men kept calling- probably 6 calls during the two hour period.  She would leave the room and go to the hall, I could over hear her saying " I know Bobby, some things have come up, and I have to stay".  She was used to being able to just drop him off and leave him.

Now at this time, I was only getting bits and pieces.  So as I began to talk to my father, I discovered he had been in the rehab several weeks prior.  I then told him, "Dad, I told you I would always take care of you, how long were you in rehab".  He answered, three or four weeks.  AM then began to correct him saying "daddy, it was only three or four days".  In which my father said, "really, I thought it was three or four weeks".  You know what... it WAS 21 days.  yep, three weeks.  My dad, thought he was losing his mind.

As we continued our conversation, the topic went to his most recent hospitalization due to his fall.  He told me, he had laid there for a very long time and he was cold- he couldn't say how many hours, he just knew it was a long time.  She then corrected him, stating "no honey, you were there less than an hour". 

Let me tell you something about AM, she looked and acted like a very nice lady.  You would have liked her and believed her-- for a bit. Do you know what actually happened, This lady was a liar.  My dad had laid in his bathroom shower floor, in a ball,  naked for hours.  Many hours.  Juan found him, had he not found him, my father would have died.. no doubt, that day.  Left to die. 

Another phone call came in as I was about to leave.  When she came back in the room, my father asked her who had called.  She said, "it was Stacks, . you know, you wanted him to do that work for you".  Well, first off, my father never had anyone do anything for him.  He usually did it.  I wrote down the name.

The next morning I arrived early.  As I entered the room, AM was sitting on the bed, next to my father and she had been crying.  When I walked in, my dad was very mad at me.  I am not sure what she told him I did.  But I was asked to leave.  The nurse then came in the room, hot off the press, was the Medical Power of Attorney received from Stacks... the attorney.  Yep, she moved fast and she was now Medical Power of Attorney.  I still don't know today, what lie she told my father .  I don't think I ever will. 

What I do know, God brought me to Florida, just long enough for me to see what I needed to see, what drug my father would be poisoned with.  As I was being escorted out of the rehab that day along with my 16 year old son, God spoke to me and HE said "this battle is not yours.  There is gnashing and gnawing of teeth here, you have no place here".   So I left and made the long trip back to Kentucky... numb.