Father's Day

Upon our return to Kentucky, I knew deep within my heart that Florida Elder Abuse should become involved and should investigate.  This was tough, I have always given people the benefit of the doubt.  Quite honestly, I had never encountered anyone like her before.  Your mind plays tricks on you, you question whether your over reacting or imagining because it all seems so unreal.

My father had not encountered anyone like her either.  That's how he got sucked into all this and once he was in, there was no out.  She's a pro at this, my dad, was not her first rodeo, nor would he be her last.  We know of more, the families I am not even sure they know where to begin.  I mean, its obvious, poisoning an elderly person is so easy to her.  The family never suspects.  Old people die everyday.  Hard to prove, until you see the pattern and the common denominator.

Richard with Florida Elder Abuse reported that they had serious concerns.  They were watching her closely.  Of course, she got wind of the investigation because she was interviewed.  I was her first suspect.  She was very angry.  So angry, that the family trust was changed again, this being the final change.  With me being totally left out!  Once we read the home health reports, the day in May when the final trust was changed, according to their documentation on his health,  he wasn't in any health to get up to the 10th floor of the attorneys office in Daytona Beach.  Must have taken all he had- every last bit of energy to get him there. She was determined

So Fathers Day.... I tried to call my father,  that is when it was confirmed that my number was blocked.  AM did not want me having any contact with him. She was too far in, she wanted and needed his properties and money (banking, savings accounts, and lock boxes were emptied out).

I called my father from my husbands and two of my sons numbers... blocked.  Can you imagine?  So finally, AM didn't know my daughters number... success made.  I was able to wish my father a happy day!  He was weak, very weak.

Three days later, I received a letter in the mail.  This wasn't the first time AM had sent me things in the mail.  Six months earlier, in November 2013, when I had spoken to my father about my mother's remains as we came upon her one year death anniversary, AM sent my mothers remains to me via US Postal mail in a zip lock bag.  Yep, I can't make this woman up and the things she has done.  She spelled my name wrong.  She never knew the correct spelling.  

Moving on, three days after Fathers Day, I received a large manila envelope.  My son, opened it.  It took me a minute to actually grasp what it was and who would have had all these pictures of me and my family.  Then I realized, AM had gone thru my father's home, and removed every picture out of frames, off walls, in drawers of me and my family.  Every Christmas card, note, anything that would remind her of me... was in that large envelop.  I was hurt.  I knew it wasn'tfrom my father... my name was spelled wrong again. After reading home health reports, it was confirmed, there was no way my father could have ever walked thru that house removing pictures. 

He was too weak, he was being poisoned.  Murdered for his money.  How did she do all this?  That will come later.  Cause we are on to her name and game.  God has this.  The curtains are being torn down and the darkness is being exposed.  Wait, watch, and see for yourself!