Danni's Story

Another victim of AM.  AM was Quick Deeded on Danita's property in January 2014.

Marty wrote:
I have known Danita since 2004. She has been a close friend of ours since that time. Her husband worked with my husband. He passed away in 2009.

AM was in the picture and was "taking care of him".  AM told us she was a RN. After Danita's husband went home from the rehab facility, he passed away about one week later. We remained in contact with Danita and our granddaughter was very close with her and called her Nana.

On January 6 2016 Danita had a nurse from Florida Hospital call me.   Danita told me she needed 'Help'. She said that "AM is double crossing me. She is taking my money.  There are people in my house and I need them out".

I told her I would do all I could do to help her. She asked if my husband would change the locks on her house. On Jan 10, we had a locksmith change the locks on her home.  We took the keys and gave them to Danita at the nursing home so she would have access to her home.   we later found out, AM went to the nursing rehab, made a copy of the new key while Danita was out of the room.  AM then went to Danita's home, and took $25,000 worth of checks and CASHED them.

AM was so upset with us that she wouldn't bring Danita her cell phone, so Danita had no numbers or access to her friends that she needed to contact . AM then told us that Danita's home was hers and we had no right to change the locks.  When Danita was asked if she had put AM on her home, Danita DID NOT know that she had signed her home to AM.

My husband and I visited Danita on Jan 17 and took danielle to her home for a few hours to look for her cell phone and checkbook. We did not find either. I spoke with Danita a few more times over the next two weeks but she seemed worse.

On Jan 24 i went to Danita and while we were there we noticed a bottle of raspberry tea-  Danita did not like raspberry tea.   Danita told us AM brought it to her in the nursing home but it didn't taste good... so I threw it away. While we were therewith Danita, AM came in and asked where the tea was.  AM got upset when I told her Danita didn't want it and I threw it out.

I called Danita on Jan 26 she told me she was very upset of all that was happening. On Feb 1. AM told me Danita was stopping dialysis. I went to visit Danita on Feb 14 . she told me AM told her that dialysis wasn't good and she told her to stop. I spoke on the phone with Danita on Feb 17. Her words were slurred and she told me she was very tired.  Keep in mind, AM was medical surrogate, so despite my efforts, I could get no additional information or make any changes.  At this point, Danita was becoming more confused.

I tried to call her room several times over the next 2 weeks and never got answered. On Feb 28 I went to see Danita with my granddaughter. Danita's face was bruised and when I asked AM  who was there at the rehab,  she told me that Danita had fallen out of bed. When I went out to the front desk the nurse told me she could not talk to me because I was not her medical surrogate.  As I was leaving, a nurse chased me out and told me it did not happen there!

Two women came forward and reported they went to the rehab with AM one day.  They waited in the car.  AM was very upset that Danita was trying to get her removed from her accounts and property.  AM went in to the facility, was inside for about 20 minutes.  When she came out, she was laughing, saying that she had threatened Danita and she was curled up in a fetal position, she was afraid, and she would not be changing anything.

AM told me that day that she was taking Danita home because she had no more money to payafter the 29 th.  Keep in mind, she had cashed out $25,000 in checks.  AM also told me that danielle was not up for visitors.

Danielle passed away on March 7, 2016. AM did not call until the next day. AM told me Danita had a mess from a bloody nose. She had several bad bloody noses over the last few weeks of her life. AM said she didn't want me to see all the blood. She had a friend "Lammy" that helped her with Danielle. Lammy is a felon with a 2012 conviction of Elder Abuse and Exploitation charges.  How many more... we need justice!  Vulnerable Elders being preyed upon. Know the facts.  Know it is happening!