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Our father was a 77-year-old mobile and very successful man, who had spent his winters in Deland, Florida for more than 25 years. In November 2012, he had lost his wife- our beloved mother- and was losing most of his peers by attrition. To be honest, my father was lost, lonely which made him vulnerable.

After our mother passed away, our father soon met a woman at a local breakfast club- actually the Shriner's pancake breakfast.  From day one, her lies began- claiming she was a Registered Nurse and telling him she would take care of him.  Indeed, that was her plan.  Florida Board of Nursing records showed she was NOT an RN.  Records in Florida showed there was a lady with her name who was an RN- that lady was 88 years old and died in 2012.

My father was a bright-strong man.  He worked and retired after 30 years of service from Ford Motor Company- in Louisville, KY. In his younger years, my father spent four years serving in the US Navy stationed in Florida.  He dreamed of returning and retiring on the St. John's River in Florida.  After years of hard work, saving his hard earned money, and determination...that's exactly what my he and my mother did. 

My parents were married over 50 years and had five children.  When my mother passed away in November 2012, my father was devastated, lost and lonely.  He maintained his home in Kentucky while taking care of his properties in Florida. We visited him frequently after mothers death.

However, this woman who call him daddy and referred to herself in police documents as "special friend" was on the prowl and quickly learned of his assets.  Before we even could possibly comprehend what was going on, she was listed on properties thru quick deed claims, deeds, checking and savings accounts, and last but certainly not least... the family Trust. Yep, she moved that fast.  She had my father sign a document with no witness or notary stating all "tangible" items belonged to her.  If your unsure what that means, she took everything!

The lies were so twisted, and with my father being over 800 miles away- we didn't have a clue what was actually being told to him.   She quickly learned family dynamics, infiltrating, excluding, and turning siblings against sibling with her vicious lies.  Numbers were blocked on his phone to prevent contact.  It was very strategic. 

Orange County Property records later revealed at the same time she was deceiving and robbing my father, Mary Sue was also added on a Quick Deed Claim of another elderly persons property in Orlando.  Read Danita's story.

To be honest, we just really couldn't believe that there were people out there that prey upon and take advantage of the vulnerable elderly.  Rest assured, keep reading, because they do, and without any conscious whatsoever.  Pure and simple, nothing but evil.

"Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour." 1 Peter 5:8

So like a slimy snake, very quickly in a matter of a few short months, somehow this "Special Friend"had control.  This control was on many levels, emotional, physical, financial and medical.  I don't think we will ever know the real story, we onlyhave bits and pieces of information that we have been able to retrieve.  Heartbreaking.

Within months, she was listed as his medical guardian. Her vehement opposition to his children was so deep-seated that she vociferously objected our efforts to visit.  Our distraught, aged father unbeknownst to us was in and out of the Deland hospital and rehab facilities,  where he was kept many times without the family being aware.  She had his phone, and he was eight hundred miles away from any family members.  Florida Elder Abuse became involved. 

We have learned first hand, in the area of elderly abuse, often proving there was victim can be difficult. Many times the victim, doesnt know exactly what they were doing, trusting the perpetrator. Other times, the fraud is committed under duress and the victim may seem to be a willing partner while all along only cooperating out of fear

See below my fathers final words for us to read, to know what was actually going on in his life... written by a physical therapist in his home health record documentation the day before he passed away. This is a wake up call to what is happening to our vulnerable elders.


"During this visit on 7-23-14, "AM" (significant other) told this therapist that the patient had an accident early in the morning (diarrhea) and she helped the patient and gave him a good shower. She reported that she was investigated by the DCF in the past of suspected abuse charged by the patient daughter but found nothing after the investigation. (Patient and daughter are not getting along together ever since he met his significant other).

"AM" left us to go to Orlando for a very important appointment to her lawyer.  This therapist told this patient about the diarrhea accident early in the morning but denied that he was being helped by "AM".  He also tells this therapist that when he came home from the ER last Sunday morning, "AM" left him alone whole day.  He said that he needs to get better and stronger so he can get a lawyer and able to manage his finances again.  Also claims that when he got investigated by the DCF, he did not disclose everything.  He was offered to have a social services to assist him with this issue but declined because he don't want "AM" to know this. Told the patient that he needs to have a caregiver when "AM" go out for any appointment.  He agreed that he needs someone to be with him to assist because he is still weak.  He said that he will tell "AM" about getting an aide.

Between 6:30-6:45pm, "AM" called this therapist very upset that she asked this therapist to quit with Nirvana and sit down with the patient.  She said she was told by the patient that I am concerned about the patient being leftalone.  This therapist told her about the patient charges against her but she denied, claimed that the patient not in a good mind that he has dementia. (recently diagnosed).  I told "AM" that I should not hear anything like this report from the patient.  told her that I reported this incident to the case manager, Elaine, RN who agreed to this therapist that the patient still have a clear of mind.  Patient and significant other contradict each other with their report to this therapist."

The next morning... home health documentation reveals when they showed up to my father's home, he was so confused he was using a urinal for a telephone.  Despite documentation by home health encouraging "AM" to take him to the hospital, he remained at home.  He passed away later that night, July 24, 2014.

Volusia County Police Reports show a 911 call was placed, the police arrived at the property and a complete survey and collection of medications on the property were obtained and placed in a lock box.

Toxicology reports showed a drug. Amiodarone, in toxic levels in my fathers body. One that he was highly allergic to, in 2009 he was told to never take again, and his medical records show he WAS NOT prescribed this medication.  Medications were collected on the premises and given to investigators at the death scene.  They were collected from "AM", Amiodarone was NOT listed as a drug he was taking nor was it given to investigators at the death scene.

A note:  My father had spent approx. 3 weeks in a rehab facility between May and July 2014. One week prior to his death, July 17, 2014- he was in the hospital, the discharge diagnosis was Cardiotonic poisoning. The hospital record DOES NOT show he was taking or being administered Amiodarone. My father was exhibiting signs and symptoms of toxicty, such as losing his vision and pulmonary issues. One can only assume how Amiodarone could have ever possibly been in his system and who could have been in contact with him to give him toxic levels of the drug.



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